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About Us

We study polyploidy, meiosis, DNA repair and gene editing, all processes which generate new DNA sequences or sequence arrangements, providing the raw material for evolution. Our current research has a particular focus on developing technologies to help increase the pace of plant breeding.

An Arabidopsis suecica meiotic cell, imaged using Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM). Chromosome pairs align with the help of meiotic proteins ASY1 (green) and ZIP1 (magenta). DNA shown in blue.

Latest News



A warm welcome to newest lab member Maria Da Costa, and a big congratulations to Heledd Morgan for achieving a 1st for her Master's!

28.03.23 New Grant!

Thanks to the Royal Society we have received funding for Oligo Painting in Arabisopsis! Can't wait do get this new project up and running! Big shout out to Leah Rosin from NIH in the US who will sharing her expertise in the technique to help us get it up and running in Arabidopsis. 


We have a new review out on crossover patterning in plants. You can read the full open access paper here.

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